From shipping companies to Ecommerce businesses, every industry needs to have the right packaging and shipping supplies on hand to ensure a highly efficient order fulfilment operation. This is why the importance of ultra durable, sturdy, and reliable product packaging cannot be understated.

Here are must-have 5 packing materials that are robust, reliable, durable, and add value to the product irrespective of your business and product line.

1. Corrugated Boxes

The most important factor to consider when it comes to packing materials is the main box. There are a variety of options in this category to suit unique product packaging needs including removal kits, archive boxes, garment boxes and single wall boxes.

2. Bubble Wraps

Also available as bubble bags and bubble envelopes, this protective packing material ensures that your product reaches the end user undamaged and fully functional.

3. Packing Label

Whether you need single-use packing labels for apparels or resealable packaging for food products, these envelopes make for convenient and cost-effective packing solutions that are extra strong, durable, and highly reliable.

4. Security Envelope

Tamper proof envelopes are a perfect packing material for companies that are worried about document security during transit.

5. BOPP Tapes

One of the most popular and highly demanded packing materials; BOPP tapes efficiently prevent product damage during transit and have a wide range of applications including logistics, consumer durables, and pharmaceuticals.

Keep your order fulfilments running round the-clock with the right packaging and shipping supplies.



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