By caring for our shoes properly, we can prolong their lifespan. It doesn’t take a painstaking effort to implement perfect shoe care; a few simple actions should be sufficient. Also, just as important as knowing what to do is being aware of what not to do when caring for your shoes.

The infographic showcases top tips for keeping your shoes perfect. Protect your shoes from water and other elements by simply polishing or waxing your shoes frequently. If you wear leather shoes out in the rain be sure that they dry completely before you wear them again.
Sometimes you should take emergency measures & long-term care for shoes. In terms of wet shoes, direct heat can dry the leather too fast, causing it to crack – and once that happens, nothing can save your shoes.

You will need the right tools to polish your shoes. Each with a crucial purpose including welt brush, shoe polish, polishing cloth, sole dressing.



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