Announced as a new era of e-commerce innovation, Magento 2 offers enhanced performance and new features to boost conversion rates. The platform is used by millions of brands and small business providing them the perfect platform to tailor design the optimal e-commerce store. Along with the enhanced business agility and productivity, one very important aspect of Magento 2 is the SEO optimization. In that context, the following infographic illustrates the main SEO aspects you should consider using Magento 2.

When it comes to the main SEO aspects, you should be aware where to find each setting and what is its purpose. For that reason, the infographic below shows a useful list of the most important Magento 2 SEO settings you should get familiar with. Among them are the Meta tags for products, SEO-friendly products URLs, Home Page meta data, etc.

Furthermore, a crucial part of SEO these days is the unique content. The adage ‚ÄěContent is the king” says it all. To boost your pages learn how to access the settings such as Canonical Tags for Products, Canonical Tags for Categories, etc. One great feature of the infographic is that provide valuable comments.

Next, Magento 2 allows you to control the site indexing. In case you try to play with the settings, consider the comments regarding Robots.txt, Meta robots, XML Sitemap, etc.

Take a look at the full infographic below to learn how to benefit the most from the Magento 2 SEO settings.



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