Have ever asked yourself how to choose web hosting for a website? I bet you wonder at least once in the last five years to start your own website. No matter what kind of site – personal blog or e-commerce site. If you are still serious in your willingness to create and run a website, then this web hosting infographic is for you. Take a loot at the infographic and read it carefully. This internet infographic explains how web host works, the types of web hosting and what to look before choosing a web hosting.

You can choose between free hosting and paid hosting plans. There are thousands of web hosting companies nowadays and mostly of them are very reliable. They offer shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting plans. If you are not familiar with the details of these web hosting plans this web hosting infographic showcases their pros and cons.

Do not forget to look for the web hosting location and customer support reviews before taking your final decision. Moreover, we highly recommend to read the terms and conditions very carefully as well. There you will know about renewal fees, plan upgrade fees and payment methods.



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