The infographic lists some of the most common, and frankly unbelievable, mistakes that thousands of job applicants make when writing their CV or résumé, as well as the clichés that employers hate to hear from any applicant. The following infographic goes on to give a series of recommendations to job seekers when compiling their CV and résumé.

You might be the perfect candidate for that dream job for which you are applying. You have all the skills and experience necessary to do the job brilliantly. However, if your CV and resume aren’t up to scratch, the recruiter won’t give you a second thought.

The infographic provides interesting statistics that might be very helpful to improve your CV. According to the research, one in five recruiters will make up their mind on a candidate within 60 seconds. What is more, 1 in 3 job seekers has applied for at least 5 jobs without a response.

Another handy feature of the infographic is the list of top 10 reasons why recruiters reject a CV or resume. Read on the full infographic and learn how to improve your chances to get your dream job.



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