The infographic dives into the topic of credit card debt relief programs. What you need to know about them. Debt consolidation is a loan used to pay off debt. The loan could be issued by a bank, third-party financial company, or a home equity line of credit (best case due to low interest).

Golden Financial Services, the company published the infographic, specialize in helping those in extreme debt avoid bankruptcy. These types of consultation companies act as a liaison between you and your creditors, and they don’t get paid unless they can secure a debt payment plan that you can afford and agree to.

Thinking of seeking debt consultation? Golden Financial Services is a nationally recognized debt relief company with over 15 years of being in business. Their A+ BBB rating has been achieved through hard and honest work. They specialize in helping debtors get back on their feet and only succeed when the client succeeds. Contact them today for a free quote!



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