According to the amazing infographic below, coffee makes the workplace go round. This coffee infographic covers the coffee breaks history, coffee addiction and the benefits of coffee at work. So, the term „coffee break” was coined in 1952 in an ad campaign by the Pan-American Coffee Bureau. As stated in the infographic, the ideal coffee break time is 2:16 pm. Another interesting fact is that more than the half of workers would rather have a cup of coffee than a snack break. Moreover, 46% of workers admit that are less productive without caffeine. Daily consumption of espresso-based beverages has risen from 13% to 18%.

Furthermore, hot beverages contribute to an improved work environment and increased productivity. Additionally, the infographic describes the benefits of coffee at work. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology lack of sleep decreases the ability to regulate thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Finally, a cup of Joe cures more than a restless night. Coffee in the workplace can improve everything from relationships with coworkers to work performance.



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