It is estimated that the market of self-paced eLearning reached $46.9 billion in 2015. The design and development of a qualitative and not least an effective eLearning course is a complex process that requires careful data gathering, audience analysis, planning and constant corrections of mistakes. How to create such courses? An infographic here below highlights the main principles of effective course creation. Introduce understandable course logic and guidelines. To provide a clear navigation also place navigation buttons carefully.

As for the design, numerous factors should be considered. Provide each course slide with the title reflecting its main idea. The course should have clear description. What is more, do not forget to estimate workload.

Next, remember that not all students have equal opportunities and apply different learning styles, personalize the learning and center it on the student.

Another crucial feature is the interactivity. By adding interactivity to the courses, you help learners to go through the learning, practice and put knowledge to use.



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