To buy a 3D printer can be an expensive affair since the printer is high in technology and costs a lot more money than regular printers. There are many points to be noted while deciding to buy a 3D printer or outsource your 3D printing needs to a 3D printing service.

This infographic outlines a brief comparison between buying a 3D printer vs opting for 3D printing services.

To buy a 3D printer, one much do a thorough research on the cost, effectiveness, ease of use, accuracy, and much more and then decide the type of printer which will best suit their needs. If you don’t want to involve yourself in research on 3D printer related things then it is always better to outsource your 3D printing work. Also, if you do not need to print 3D objects that often then always to for 3D printing services rather than buying a 3D printer.



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