The zero gravity massage chairs are inspired by the recline position that the chair make. It could be said that resembles the astronaut’s position during lift off on missions. Because of the spontaneous and fast increase in the force of gravity, it is crucial for them to position themselves. The reclined positon reduce the stress of taking off over the full body. The following infographic showcases numerous benefits of massage chairs.

It is researched that massage chairs increase circulation, which allows the body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs.

Furthermore, the use of massage chairs contributes to shorter labor, reduces the need for medication and aids in quicker recovery in pregnant women.

Next, you should consider massage chairs to improve range of motion and decrease discomfort associated with lower back pain. Moreover, another benefit of massage chairs is that reduces muscle spasms and cramping. For more benefits and advantages of massage chairs, read on the full infographic below.



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