The infographic showcases top 6 six to consider investing in Cayman Islands property. All the included recommendations will help you make an informed decision before investing in real estate in Cayman Islands.

Are you looking to invest in Cayman Property ? Here are the six tips for you:
1. Research effectively George Town has closer amenities and tranquil lifestyle.
2. Types of property available amazing range of property available from CI$ 100,000 to tens of millions.
3. Consult a CIREBA agent before signing anything and you can get unique property in the Cayman islands.
4. Obtaining a mortgage from the banks or financial institutions with the rate accordance to New York Prime rate.
5.Obtain a valuation report from a surveyor and get the property inspected and you can examine the structural components.
6. Check for additional expenses like is there any hidden expenses. You can get your property transaction within 45 days.



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