Keeping in touch with your colleagues, your clients, your vendors and your stakeholders has always been essential to any business. Most of us take for granted how simplifies and streamlined this has become thanks to the Internet. But when we stop to think about it, it’s hard not to marvel at the incredible technological strides we’ve made in recent years, considering it was only a few decades ago that one of our main sources of communication involved sending notes inside pressurized tubes that ran underground through city streets.

The current system of office communication have evolved out of the retro communication technology. Based on research this infographic focuses on the “The Evolution Of Office Communication” and it talks about:

1) The Pneumatic tube networks of the 1850’s;
2) The era of switchboard operators and how women became an essential part of it;
3) The invention of telephone;
4) The popularity of fax machine in business;
5) The use telegraph.

Source: http://www.thinktel.ca/retro-office-communication/

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