There are more than 5.2 million car accidents annually worldwide and a large percentage of them could have been avoided, some of them quite easily. True, as the infographic shows, the most serious accidents happened on roads with heavy traffic under heavy weather conditions but many minor accidents could have been prevented. Contrary to the belief that drivers tend to get involved in more accidents when they drive on a new road, it turns out that most car accidents happen in the neighborhood – not more than 3 miles from home where the drivers feel so safe that they become negligent and cause accidents. Moreover, there are many accidents that take place… on parking lots!
Regulations also contribute to the number of accidents. Speed is also an issue as only 59 countries in the world have speed limits of 50 km/h in urban areas while the drivers in the other 100+ countries can drive much faster. Also, 30 % of the people in the world live in countries without stringent seat-belt laws. Other interesting facts are that silver and white cars are most likely to get involved in accidents (due to lower visibility) and that you should be more careful on Fridays and in November.





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