Work-at-home scams are always in the news, for good reason – but there are real opportunities out there too. This infographic shows a few reasons why working from home is such a great opportunity along with tips on how to make sure you are avoiding any scams.

According to the infographic, one in five Americans work from home at least 1 day a week. So, there is a great possibility you are the one or to be the one in five who work at home. What is more, the majority of surveyed workers respond that they are satisfied with that fact.

Furthermore, the top work-at-home industries are healthcare, information technology, education and sales/marketing. As for the scams, this infographic describes how to sort the real jobs from the scams. It is estimated that there are 60 scams for every 1 real work-at-home opportunity.

View the full infographic below to learn how to avoid the scams.



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