Acne is estimated to affect roughly 80% of all people at some time in their lives. It can be painful, annoying, and very persistent.

Trying to find the right treatment for your skin type and the individual situation can be a real headache. This infographic reviews 61 of the most popular acne treatments out there. If your current acne therapy isn’t working out, try one of these!

You will read about the direct causes, contributing factors as well as various treatments including traditional, natural and home remedies. Of course, there are also things to avoid such as caffeine, milk, and smoking.

Among the important vitamins and minerals, you should be aware of are vitamin A, B5, C and D.

When it comes to the traditional treatments, antibiotics and cleansers are the most popular ones. As far as natural treatments are concerned, the infographic mentions acupuncture, aloe vera, coconut oil and castor oil.



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