Back in the time, the boundaries between our work life and personal life were blurred. Nowadays, work is overwhelming our personal life and sustaining a work-life balance has become challenging, though. An increasing number of people in India are working harder to put bread on the table, but not finding time to make a life. The following infographic illustrates how just how easily apartment living can make that happen!

You should know that 90% of the people surveyed felt that with work-life balance initiatives, they would spend more time on self-development and training. Among the consequences of a poor work-life balance is lack of friendship, your work effectiveness diminishes as well as family problems. Moreover, the infographic provides 10 tips for an improved work-life balance as follows: going to bed early, healthy eating, keeping a journal and setting aside time for family and friends.

Finally, the infographic explores how apartment living can improve your work-life balance. Think about how great you feel after a workout in the fitness center or a relaxing swim in the pool.


Source: http://neevavantgarde.com/

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