ADT Pulse – the new era of home security is here.
ADT Monitoring now provides complete security automation. The end result literally enhances the home experience both inside and out.
Why to choose ADT? It has over 140 years of experience. The offered monitoring is 24/7. ADT is the smartest home security which you can get because of the latest technology.
It doesn’t matter if you are out or at home, now you can tap into real-time video and you can keep an eye on your loved ones and the home.
Z-Wave technology wirelessly connects your home automation devices. Your wireless cameras are set by the motion detectors to start to record automatically when triggered. They can send you short videos as alerts, too.
Stay connected, anywhere – via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. ADT Pulse does more than to keep the home safe – it keeps you to know what’s happening from everywhere.
Remotely unlock and lock doors, so from work you can let the plumber in. You can even set automatic control for your appliances, lights and thermostat. All these things – under your control wherever you are – via your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It’s really terrible to worry about your home if it is unprotected.
Everyday away mode. Vacation mode. Sleep mode.
You can choose and create custom home settings. They will do everything – from lock and unlock the door when you choose to turn off the appliances and lights at bedtime.
Pre-set your schedule or make your choice from the menu, and your house responds instantly. You will never more walk around the house when you are tired to check every light and lock.
Average home’s annual utility bill is $ 2,060. A lot of the energy is wasted. Americans spend about $ 130 billion per year on wasted energy.
People spend between 6% and 12% of their income on utilities. Maximize your home safety while also reducing your home energy costs! ADT Pulse will control everything for you!
Breakdown of the average utility bill shows that 29% are for heating, 17% – for cooling, 14% for water heating, 13% for applicances, 12% for lighting, 4% for electronics and 11% for other.
The annual household’s electricity use is 11,319 kWh. In the past 3 years, energy bills have risen by 37%. It would be great to reduce your energy costs, right?
The main reason for the high bills are home heating and cooling – they make 46% of an energy bill. In the winter, every degree lowered on the thermostat, saves 5% on the next power bill. With ADT you can save them!
Most homes have more than 50 items that use natural gas or electricity. They all will be regularly controlled by your clever security system.
Leaving the TV on is the №1 money waster. But the system will stop it every time for you, it won’t forget to do it!
It’s clever system for full control over your home wherever you are. Your home will be a safe place and your energy costs will be reduced. It’s home control right at your fingertips.



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