The importance of car tyres comes down to logic as simple as this: without a good set of them, you won’t go too far. Those black circles around your wheels keep the vehicle in motion and need to be treated right because if they’re faulty, your car could suddenly come to a halt and you’ll be left stranded. This infographic describes the importance of car’s tyres.

Read about the functions of tyres. They support the weight of the vehicle. Then, they perform an essential cushioning function by absorbing road shocks. What is more important here are the types of tyres. Summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres, wet weather tyres are just a handful of most common types of tyres nowadays.

The infographic also explains the factors affecting tyre lifespan. Certain types of tyres are designed to provide high quality in certain conditions, although this can be offset by the tyre having a shorter lifespan than normal.


Source: http://www.fawheels.co.uk/

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