Has the Corona crisis got you down? Feeling like life is dragging along without much going on? Do you need a laugh? Of course you do!!

Here’s an infographic: 9 Awesome Comedians When You Need a Laugh. The time stuck at home can make you feel isolated and alone, which can lead to feeling of depression- yuck! It is important to have ways to implement self-care. This means not only have opportunities exercise and to make sure you are eating right for physical self- care, but also self-care for your mental state. Being able to unplug and escape in the fun of some comedy will certainly be worthwhile. Humor is so important in all our lives. Humor lifts us up and the act of laughter is a proven mood enhancer. This infographic is meant to share some easy outlets for some quick and needed laughter. From some well-known old time favorites like Kevin Hart and Jerry Seinfeld to some lesser known but equally enjoyable comedians like John Mulaney and Tom Papa, there’s something or everyone – though some of this humor is certainly not suitable for younger ages.

Check out the variety and the funny take on life these comedians share. Enjoy some comedy to lighten up the mood. Share with friends and pass on the good vibes.


Source: https://ninedotsmedia.com/9-awesome-comedians-when-you-need-a-laugh/

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