8 Kick Ass Women Who Played with 'Boy' Toys thumb

The following infographic shows 8 kick-ass women who played with „boy” toys. All the interviewed women in the infographic narrate about their „boy” toys in the childhood. Among the women illustrated in the infographic are Kat Gordon, Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, Sweta C. Saxena, Neeraj Kaushal, Melissa Fach, Shiza Shahid. Moreover, if you are not aware of their professions, you can read more about it.

You will be probably amazed that all these beautiful and successful women preferred „boy” toys than dolls and makeup sets. For example, Sweta C. Saxena, admits that she didn’t play with any toys – not even dolls and never missed them either! What is more, as stated in the infographic these amazing ladies and found that they didn’t let playtime define them. Check out the full infographic below and don’t worry if your daughter plays with robots and cars instead of Barbie dolls.

8 Kick Ass Women Who Played with 'Boy' Toys Infographic

Source: http://www.woozymoo.com/blogs/hangout/39383745-8-kick-ass-women-that-played-with-boy-toys

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