What is it that makes a successful restaurant owner? We did some research and created this infographic based on a few sources we found. Take a look and let us know if you agree. The following infographic shows 7 habits of highly successful restaurant owners that will be helpful for your business for sure.
First, keeping track of your daily tasks is essential. Keep a digital list or notebook of your schedule for the day or week. What is more, you should do a walk through and make note of tasks that staff could be doing during slow hours.

Furthermore, never play favorites. Your staff needs to know you approach situations with fairness. According to the infographic, the majority of restaurant owners said their first job in the restaurant industry was an entry-level position.
Next, restaurant owners and managers set the tempo for the rest of the staff.

Read the full infographic below and check the rest useful tips how to be a more successful restaurant owner.


Source: http://www.digitaldining.com/2013/11/7-habits-of-highly-successful-restaurant-owners

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