Health is a very important topic especially when it comes to travelling. Many times when we travel to countries all over the world we are scared that we will face particular insects or animals. We all know that the fauna, the term from science for animals, has existed even before the first human. The variety of animal species depends on many environmental factors. That is why some animals and insects could be found only in particular areas of the world or countries.

The following infographic shows a list of 34 dangerous animals you never knew you can find in Turkey. Among the illustrated animals are centipedes, 12 venomous snakes, 9 poisonous spiders, 7 dangerous spiders and 2 types of jellyfish. What is more, the infographic provides information about the size and the danger of each animal. Moreover, you will read where these dangerous animals could be found so you should avoid these places during your trip to Turkey.



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