Just a few days before the first game of UEFA Euro Cup 2016 we provide you the opportunity to learn some interesting facts about the tournament. The following infographic shows intriguing facts about the upcoming European football tournament. In particular, the infographic presents the Euro 2016 stadiums, the standings and the fixtures.

This will be the third time the tournament take place in France after 1960 and 1984. One new feature of the Euro Cup is the new competition format of 24 teams and 51 matches in total.

Furthermore, the infographic illustrates the breakdown of estimated UEFA Euro 2016 revenues. That includes the TV rights, sponsorship, and ticketing revenues.

As for the traditional Euro Cup slogan, this time, the French phrase „Le Rendez-Vous” will be promoted as the official one. In case you are interested in the ticket prices, you should be aware that the cheapest price for Euro 2016 ticket is €25 and is available for 43 of the 51 games.

30 interesting facts about UEFA Euro 2016

Source: http://justfirstrowsports.com/

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