Due to the rapid development of IT, the way we conduct business nowadays changes at a phenomenal rate on a daily basis. Therefore, we need to keep in touch with the latest trends in order to update and upgrade our business. This infographic showcases 25 features every online business must have in 2017.

In terms of the online presence of your online business, you should consider the following header features. Employ easy to remember domain name, choose a clean logo representing your business name and a catchy tagline.

With regard to above the fold, showing most important sales/promotion with a clear call to action. You should also include crucial business information along with testimonials and reviews.

Below the fold, it is highly important to include contact information, business hours and social media buttons. Although an optional feature, an online chat feature is a great asset to your website.

As far as the inner pages are concerned, do not hesitate to insert a contact form, CAPTCHA and personalized About us page. If you collect user information like email addresses, names, phone number, etc. a Privacy Policy page is a must. Another important feature is the FAQ page that would save your business a lot of user questions and help your SEO efforts.


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