We all need to take our time to unwind and relax. With the significant daily dose of stress and busy agendas, modern people are more and more struggling to relief their mind and body. Human health includes the state of mind and not only the physical condition. One approach to improving your mental health and relief your mind is meditation.

Meditation is a practice that dates back centuries ago. It was mastered and developed through the centuries and nowadays millions of people benefit from it. Meditation is considered to train the mind and induce a certain mode of consciousness. There are many types of meditation based on Chinese, Vedic, Buddhism traditions, etc. As millions people around the world meditate on a daily basis, we should know what are the benefits from this spiritual practice.

This infographic shows 10 reasons why daily meditation is so beneficial. Meditation is linked with feeling less stressed, as well as actually lowering the stress hormone cortisol. What is more, meditation helps the elderly feel less lonely and reduce genes linked to inflammation. Rapid memory recall improves with daily meditation. Additionally, mediation is linked to more creativity and new ideas. Read the full infographic to learn how beneficial is the daily meditation for your well-being.


Source: https://meditativewisdom.com/blogs/meditative-wisdom-blog/10-reasons-why-daily-meditation-is-so-beneficial

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