The freedom and adventure you feel when touring around on your bike is enough to get the whole family excited and exercising at the same time. It can be a holiday in itself. Take a couple of weeks to explorer the countryside and camp outside or in your tent at night. You will feel so much better for the experience. If, however, your bike gets stolen along the way, then it’s probably going to be a trip you remember for the wrong reasons!

If you lose your bike, the trip is pretty much over – unless you count the trip to the police station. You don’t want to spend half a day filling out police reports and trying to explain how your bike was stolen. Never fear – there are a few things you can do to keep your precious bike out of the hands of thieves. Most of them are pretty common sense steps.

The team at On Your Cycle have come up with 8 ways to keep your bike safe while touring. This includes tips such as using strong, visible locks and making sure your bike is locked near other bikes to reduce the chance of yours becoming the target. If you follow these tips you should have no problem staying safe on your next touring adventure.



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