When you’re running late to work, it helps to have a believable excuse to get you off the hook and keep you on your boss’s good side! If you are running late for work, use the infographic below as a handy reference for the best excuses to give when you’re running late.

It happens to everyone at some point to be late for work. Sometimes time just slips way from you or unexpected circumstances could hinder your way to work. For that reason, you would need a good explanation.

You should be aware that there are some standard excuses that every boss has heard millions of times. You better avoid them because obviously they do not work.

This infographic shows numerous original late excuses to tell your boss that is less likely to be very used. Some of them are very creative so you should decide for yourself whether to try them. It is a common understanding that absolute honesty is not the best policy. Besides, chronic lateness can end up hurting your career in the long run.


Source: http://www.healthlisted.com/10-of-the-best-late-excuses-to-tell-your-boss/

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