In the beginning of 2015 it is high time to revise the significant brand changes that happened back in 2014. This insightful infographic showcases the 10 famous logo shifts of 2014. Among the listed in the infographic logo shifts are the changes of logos of major international companies such as Paypal, Reebok, Pizza Hut, etc. Some logo shifts are approved undoubtedly by the public at large. On the other hand, other logo shifts raised interesting questions and some people find resemblance of the new logos with unusual objects.
Reebok’s new logo takes aid of “Delta” symbol to represent positivity and change. On the other side, Paypal failed to impress with their new logo as long as improper kerning and poor font choice can lead a brand to lifelong embarrassment. Netflix brought to public a new logo that is flat, red and very boring. The previous version of the Netflix logo is still more popular.



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