While it’s not talked about, there’s a constant competition going on within many offices. It’s a long-standing feud, with hardly ever a clear winner. It’s the “best decorated cubicle” competition.
Some people go big and bold, while others maintain a simple, minimalistic look. Whichever way you lean, your cubicle could most likely need some sprucing up, and www.shutterfly.com has just the tips to take your drab grey/beige combo up a few notches in the style department, thanks to their “Home Away From Home” infographic.

If your business allows it, start your cubicle makeover with a colorful foundation, such as a rug in your favorite colors, coupled with a creative chair mat. Use these basics to give your cubicle an overall feel. From there, use colorful organization tools to keep everything neat and tidy. Boring walls are re-vamped into stylish collages with the help of double-sided tape or Velcro strips to hang decorative panels or frames. Additionally, bring some life into your cubicle with a hardy plant or a goldfish. When choosing the pictures to hang in your cube, choose ones that will be conversation starters, instead of the regular family pictures. To make sure your beautiful cube is light and comfy, hang some fairy lights, add a table lamp or other soft light source, and outfit your chair for comfort by bringing in a throw and small pillow. Additionally, having a bowl of candy at hand is always a plus. Keep in mind that the more personal and comforting the item, the better, so choosing accessories that speak to you, and bring fond memories to mind, is of the utmost importance.

Take a good look at your cubicle, and decide which areas to give a face-lift, thanks to these tips from www.shutterfly.com. While you’re at it, share this “Home Away From Home” infographic with your friends, and share your cube makeover results!


Source: http://www.shutterfly.com/how-to-decorate-an-office/

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