After birth, female raccoons leave their babies in the nest while they forage for food. She needs to look for food to help produce enough milk. After 12 weeks, the babies are old enough to roam around. They will be completely independent after 8 to 12 months.

What do baby raccoons eat? For the first six weeks, the babies will consume their mother’s milk. As they grow, they will begin to follow their mother and will slowly get introduced to eating insects, berries, nuts, frogs, and fish.

What do you do when you found an abandoned baby raccoon? If you bumped into a baby raccoon in your property without its mother, the first thing you need to do is access its well-being.

Read also what to do if you found an injured baby raccoon. Keep the baby warm dark, and quiet doesn’t give it any food or water and contact a wildfire rehabilitator right away.

What is more, the infographic informs how to reunite the baby raccoon with its mother. Place the box with the raccoon as close as possible to where the raccoon was found.

This great infographic explains what to do if you found a baby raccoon in terms of raccoon removal. Check it out.


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