Google tracks everything Aussies type in the ubiquitous little search bar. They make some of that data available to the public, so one evening the search team at Local Digital got struck right in the various Google tools to crunch the numbers. This infographic shows what Google says about Australian politics.

In the beginning, the infographic outlines the big pictures and explains about the Autocomplete search feature and what reveal the search strings about the Australian nation. From the general searches, the common themes with a political slant were the cost of living, slow internet speeds, the value of the dollar and refugees. Surprisingly, Aussies are also interested in hosting Eurovision and owning hamsters.

As far as the Federal government is concerned, the running themes are the private gold storage, internet privacy, and abolishment of negative gearing. Speaking of negative gearing, it turns out that Aussies searching for information on just what negative gearing is spiked in February when Bill Shorten announced his policy.


Source: https://www.localdigital.com.au/blog/australian-politics-google-infographic/

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