Some of the first things that come to mind when we talk about the millennials generation and food are: photographing meals in a restaurant, ordering food from food trucks and following their location on social media, YouTube food channels, and similar things that include both food and technology. The millennials, or the foodie generation as it is popularly called, are definitely changing the food scene today without being too aware of how their eating habits are affecting the food industry and the consumers. In order to keep up with their changing appetites, the food producers are decreasing the amount of salt, sugar, fat and all other potentially harmful ingredients in food products, as well as creating new products that can respond to the millennials’ needs.

The following infographic on how the generation Y is influencing the food culture is an excellent resource on this topic. It illustrates the factors that shape this generation’s eating habits (such as, being born during the digital revolution and growing up amidst the obesity crisis), shows how their eating habits are sometimes contradictory, explain how their actions affect the food culture and also includes some fun facts about what the millennial celebrities eat. Take a look to see if your own eating habits affected by today’s food trends.


Source: http://www.foodpackaginglabels.net/what-do-millennials-eat/

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