We often listen to stories of famous people not finishing their education or being terrible at school. Sometimes these stories come from an “unknown source” or we read about it in some gossip magazines and we can’t tell if any of it is a fact.

The urban legends of billionaires not finishing their college serve as a justification for unfinished science homework. If you ever wondered how important homework was and still is to successful people, this infographic will help you understand. Would big stars really reach such heights if they weren’t disciplined and committed? What part of the schooling process had the greatest impact on developing work habits for talented people?

Various celebrity quotes tell a story of how doing your math homework in school can help you gain work discipline for the future. Furthermore, although some of them weren’t among the best in their class they still have a positive attitude towards the importance of preparations process. Great results don’t come without some form of investment, the least you can do is invest your time in doing homework.

Great movie stars and successful business people witnessing in favor of the importance of homework on their road to the top.



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