This year Porsche celebrates 70 years of sports cars and we take a look under the hood of Derek Bell’s top 5 all-time Motorsports cars and look at some of Porsche’s glory at LeMans over the years.

The infographic showcases the top 5 Motorsport Models in the history of Porsche.

The Porsche 550-03 became the most important car in Porsche history by winning the 1954 Carrera Panamerica with Hans Herrmann at the wheel.

New Group C regulations led to the re-birth of the two-seat, special race sports car which no longer had to be declared a prototype for a future production car.

Porsche first revealed the 917 to the press at the 1969 Geneva Show Motor Show. This was followed by an intense CSI homologation inspection, demanding that all the cars needed to be complete before the car could race.

The Porsche 904 was the first of a long line of plastic-bodied race cars.

Rather than develop a race version of one of their roadgoing models, what Porsche created was effectively a purpose-built sports prototype.



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