After an accident, displacement of discs, joints, nerves, or bones may occur anywhere in the spine, leading to pain and a debilitating condition that worsens over time. Patients also experience the emotional impact of living with chronic pain, and increased likelihood of additional injury due to their pain and limitations in range of motion.

These injuries may occur after even a minor accident. Your chiropractor performs adjustments that help relieve pain and repair the misalignment or displacement causing it. Chiropractic adjustment is especially effective in treating disc slippage and eliminates pain without the need for surgery or medication.

You may also experience pain due to inflammation, which is often the biggest culprit behind pain after an accident. In addition to chiropractic treatment, you can treat inflammation by drinking plenty of water to flush the chemicals released by the inflamed tissues and applying ice to the affected area. Your chiropractor may also recommend low-level laser therapy that penetrates the tissue to reduce inflammation.


Source: http://www.bluestonechiropractic.com/car-accident-chiropractic-treatment/

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