Without any prior knowledge or experience, selling a house can be extremely stressful. This infographic by Upside summarises the steps you should take when selling your home starting from 6 months before the listing day and even beyond.

There are a number of different factors that may affect the timeline of selling your home. For instance, if your home isn’t in a desirable state – needing major repairs or a lot of maintenance, the process of selling your home will be extended to adhere to these issues to improve the value of your home when ready for sale.

The decision about the price can also take up some time. Agents can be used to obtain a property appraisal and receive advice about improvements for your home.

Thus, there is no set timeline for selling your home, however, this infographic aims to provide a general guide for those who are trying to wrap their head around the process of selling a house.


Source: https://upside.com.au/articles/selling-your-property/preparing-to-sell/timeline-for-selling-home-infographic

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