Have you ever had trouble hearing another person speaking in a noisy environment? Even within speaking distance, if the situation is far from ideal, it is difficult to make conversation. Imagine what it’s like if your nearest neighbor lives right across a valley. Shouting would not help, but whistles will.

That’s right. In some places, such as in La Gomera Island, in Oaxaca, Mexico, the Chiltepec region (also in Mexico), Evia Island in Greece, Kuşköy in Turkey, and among the Himalayan H’mongs, whistling is the most effective means of communication. Whistles can carry over long distances and the quality of the sound does not diminish.

The most well-known among the whistled languages is Silbo Gomero that is used in La Gomera. About 22,000 people, called Silbadors, are able to use it correctly.

The other languages have very few speakers. There’s more to know about the world’s unspoken languages from the special infographic we have prepared for you.



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