„Afro” or „Natural” – the funky hairstyle of African origin has lately been a throbbing fashion trend! From its historic start in the 18th century by Annie Malone, till date, the Afro Hair Industry has seen a major boost in the market. The infographic below describes the story of Natural hair and visualizes interesting facts related to the history and hair style of the Natural hair.

The Afro Hair and beauty show held in 2010 in north London was the largest paid-for Black event in Europe. Black women have moved from conforming to the global trends of straight hair to embracing their natural style. This has reflected prominently in the Black hair care market. On the contrary, other hair products in the Afro hair market have experienced a steady growth.

People now love to get out of the conventional European beauty statement of straight and kempt hair and step out with a daring, eye-catching style.



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