With the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, we think of the history of the most significant sporting event on the planet. As you know, the Rio Olympic Games 2016 begins on 5 August and ends on 21 August. The biggest sporting event will be held in the largest city in Brazil and thousands of sportsmen will go to win golden medals. But what is the history of Olympic games? The following timeline infographic shows how all started.

In the beginning, in Ancient Greece athletic contests are held at Olympia every for years. Furthermore, the first modern Olympic games were organized in 1894.

An interesting fact is that during World War I Germany, Austria, Hungary and Turkey were not invited to participate because of being on the wrong site of the Great War. Unfortunately, the World War II caused cancellation of the Olympic Games in 1940. From that time on, the biggest sporting event on the planet has kept evolving and improving.



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