The amount of electric current flowing through the wires sometimes may tend to shift up or down depending on the circumstances. When high current passes on to the thin wires in your house, they may result in melting, which may have disastrous effects such as causing electrical fires. However, thanks to the discovery of the fuse, this danger has been significantly reduced. When current above the recommended amount passes through the fuse, it ends up blowing and therefore, breaks the circuit. This in turn stops the flow of current which would otherwise destroy all the appliances connected to the electrical circuits in the house.

Once a fuse blows, for you to continue using electrical devices in your house, you need to replace the blown fuse with a new one. Before you start on the process, for your own safety and that of your stuff inside the house, you need to switch off every apparatus that is connected to the current including the light bulb. If you are working in a dark area, you need to have a flashlight on the handy so that you see well what you are doing. In addition, if you are working on the fuse while using a ladder, you should ensure that it is set up away from overhead power lines and someone should hold it steady for you to prevent accidents.



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