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No specific study could define the right process in searching for the perfect executive. There are always factors that make up an executive that is suited for the position. It all starts with how a person sees this position, how he/she acts upon it, and his/her performance of the skills that could make work effective.

To deliver well in an executive position means to understand the many responsibilities and tasks that one should meet. There may be no perfect science in being the perfect executive, but you could always use a guide in being one. Some essential factors may include that executive-looking factor in general on a primary basis—starting from the head down to the toes.

Working on the skills that you should have should come next to the physical appearance. Incorporated with skills is the behavior that is expected from you as you get to be the next executive of the company. Having a strong, convincing background, whether it be personal or work-related, would also take you a step ahead of everyone else. These are all elements that must always work hand in hand with the other.

To learn more about what could make you the next executive in that dream company of yours, check out this infographic that talks about what an effective executive should have.

Anatomy of an Effective Executive-infographic-plaza


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