The coming decade will experience significant changes in the metrics that define organizational success though this is not without precedent. As a new generation of professionals take over leadership positions after their predecessors retire, there appears to be a shift and realignment of organizational priorities with regard to business growth and success which will be integral in the coming decade. In fact, it is millennials and their close association with both technology and sustainability that looks to alter traditional approaches to organizational functions.

Success is no longer measured in overall profit margins and cost management policies due to the nature of business itself. Millennial leaders recognize this from an early age and aim to cultivate this into their career trajectory to be able to transition into leadership roles more effectively. This is even more true for organizations which must recognize this to keep pace with the times and the shifting nature of the corporate world. There seems to be an emphasis on organizational retention and development of the self, company and the community they operate in. “Transformational leadership” is a huge factor for millennials when it comes to job satisfaction and will be expected to deliver the same to their subordinates after they assume certain key leadership positions in the coming years.

This infographic is detailing some of the behaviors of millennials in the current business setting, giving you room to assess the changes that must be made for both your organization or your alignment to the formulas for professional success in the coming years.



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