STD cases are skyrocketing year over year. According to the latest reports from WHO, more than 1 million STDs are reported each day across the globe. In the US, there were nearly 2.4 million combined STD cases reported in the year 2018 alone. Thus, it is now more important to enlighten yourself on the STD symptoms and transmission to protect yourself from acquiring one.

Symptoms like abnormal genital discharge, fever, sore throat and weight loss are not taken seriously and ignored thinking it as a symptom of the usual flu-like disease. It is vital to get checked for STDs if you are sexually active as it can lead to severe health complications if left undiagnosed at an early stage.

There are also myths about STDs that need to be ignored. When you hear someone saying they got an ‘STD from a toilet seat‘ – and then you suspect, ‘can this even be possible?’, know that they are lying. The bacteria and the microorganisms that cause STDs cannot sustain the outer environment and dies after an STD-infected person uses the toilet. In fact, there are no cases to date where the transmission occurred via a toilet seat.

The following infographic from walks you through what is an STD, symptoms of STDs, can you catch STDs from a toilet seat, statistics, and more.


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