is the UK’s largest provider of addiction treatment & rehab centres in the UK. Every week we receive thousands of calls from people who are suffering from one of the UK’s least talked about addictions – Sex Addiction.

We recently conducted a sex survey with over 1000 callers to our free 24 hour addiction helpline. After agreeing to take part in the research each caller was asked 30 questions based on their opinions which was then turned into this infographic. All callers survey data was completely confidential and used only for the purpose of our 2013 UK sex Addict Survey.

Why A Sex Survey? – We wanted to find common characteristics of people who were seeking help with sex addiction and to see how many were influenced by popular culture. We asked questions about celebrities, life experience and even sexual positions to get a complete understanding of how someone becomes a sex addict and what sets them apart from other people who just enjoy sex.

The results as you see are amazing and for the first time reveals the inner thoughts of a real life UK sex addict. All our participants were offered free access to an individual sex addiction treatment program to help them get to grips with their addiction.



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