Painting your rooms and choosing the right color is not as easy as it sounds. Despite many people prefer white for their room walls there are some colors that you should think of as well. Sometimes you want to feel more comfortable in a particular room or need to feel the motivation sitting in it. This infographic shows recommendations which color is best for each room. Read, imagine and weigh the words’ reasonability.

When comes to the right color for living rooms, red raises the room energy and stimulates conversations. What is more, red is appropriate paint for bedrooms sometimes.

As for the kitchens, you should consider yellow then. This hue feels expansive, cheerful and spouts cheerfulness. If the food preparation is tedious duty for you, get your kitchen decorated in yellow.

Furthermore, the most restful room in every house is the bedroom. That is why you need your bedroom painted in a color that will make you calm. The restful color you should pick for your bedroom is green.

Check out this interior design infographic below for more useful tips for your house decoration.



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