It’s really difficult to stop smoking if you’re not sure of where to begin with it all. That’s why this article was put together. Take some of this information and use it to your advantage if quitting is something you want to do.

Get a new hobby that’s not harmful to your health when you first stop smoking. You’re going to have free time every time you used to light up, and you can use that time to take your mind of smoking and get some things done that you enjoy doing. For instance, you may like to work out and you can start going to the gym when you feel the need to smoke.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’re safe and healthy. The goal here is to quit because it’s harmful to your health. so do things good for yourself. The following infographic showcases  interesting facts regarding quitting smoking that you might not believe are true.


Source: http://www.simplyeliquid.co.uk/

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