According to the famous author, Judith Thurman – “Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you’ve never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground.”
If you are such a dreamer, it is time to explore what the Earth has hidden from us all these centuries. We at Travel Center UK have put up an attractive infographics which gives a glimpse of the top 6 places which you did not know it ever existed but now, these are probably on top of every dreamer’s bucket list.
These sights ranging from bright colourful mountain ranges to lakes covered in pink waters will stun every visitor. Scroll through the infographics on the “Top 6 Places you did not know it existed-2014” and surprise yourself with every mystery behind these stunning places.

Ever imagined of bright-multi-coloured mountain ranges just as how a 5 year old kid would paint his first mountain? Your imagination can be a reality since something like this actually exists and this stunner has of course stolen the number one spot on the list. Located in Gansu, China this breath-taking mountain range is covered in a spectrum of colours which come from the mineral deposits and red sandstone that slowly built up over the many million years.
Securing the second spot on the list is The Marble Cathedral, located in Chile. The name might suggest it is just a religious landmark but it is not exactly what it sounds. The Marble Cathedral got its name for its structure – this is entirely a natural attraction which due to the erosion of calcium carbonate on the shores of Lake General Carrera has transformed into a cathedral-looking-structure. What is more fascinating is this gorgeous sight is accessible by a small boat.

Find out what other fascinating spots you did not know it actually existed by browsing through our colourful inforgraphics, list them in your travel bucket-list, book cheap flights to the destinations and surprise yourself with what the world has still got to show you!

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