Seychelles, Venice, Maldives and many other impressive attractions may be gone forever – find out why, by skimming through the Infographics on the “Places to Explore before they could disappear forever.”

Despite the fact that the world has reached a point where almost every exquisite destination is made accessible for tourists, what daunts the travel arena right now is that these tourist attractions may not remain the same or may even disappear in the next 50-100 years due to obvious natural reasons such as rising sea levels, global warming and deforestation. Thus, it is time for the leisure seeker, the explorer and every traveller out there to push these destinations to the top of their bucket list and start checking these off sooner before these incredible destinations disappear.

Browse through the colourful infographics and catch a glimpse of the top 7 destinations which could disappear forever. The list includes the beautiful Lady Musgrave Island, a part of the stunning Great Barrier Reef which is predicted to disappear within the next 100 years due to the increasing coral bleaching, pollution, and Rising Ocean temps. Also on the list is the greatest disappointment for the romance-seeker – the wonderful city of Venice is not going to remain the same in the next few years with the severe flooding. The gorgeous islands of Seychelles and Maldives are also predicted to disappear within the next 50 years. Thus, it is time for all the couples and beach lovers out there to book cheap flights to Maldives, Seychelles and other amazing destinations before you start regretting what you had missed.

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