Life is indeed a dynamic experience; every phase has its own set of worries, aspirations, desires and concerns. It is nice to see other 55+ people retiring from work and leading a leisurely life. You too might have started on with your retirement plans as soon as you are about to touch your 50s. It may be centered on finances, getting new hobbies, interacting with people, spending time at some welfare center or just having coffee in your home. Whatever be your pursuit, life after 55 is more than what you expect it to be. It brings some unique challenges and you need to have a plan for it.

Some people plan to retire early and start a long term financial plan to meet the needs. You might have to buy RV or plan for travel. Some even pay off for home. Some may spend time at orphanage caring for other people’s kids. But nearly all the people plan for medical emergencies and safety concerns. It’s an important investment to be made to keep you safe and sound. Even if you do not plan to retire early and keep working, you may have to retire a little later. In both cases, you are heading towards becoming a grandparent, remodeling your home or become a volunteer. What you forget is that you may be a potential victim of identity theft and accidents. It is shocking to learn that 28% of identity theft victims are 50+. Life after 55 may be good but is challenging at the same time. Another figure shows that older adults account for 32% of fire deaths. Another critical danger could be carbon monoxide poisoning which is nearly impossible to survive. There are escalating numbers in robberies and accounts for 25% of crime against elderly. You are potentially vulnerable to a break in and several other security issues. While you may be dreaming of getting a building named after you, you are susceptible some alarming perils that need to be addressed with caution. Everything around you should be ideally customized to suit your unique requirements at retirement age.

People make considerable safety efforts which include remodeling homes, moving to elderly care centers and keeping some domestic help. There is a need to install home security system, alarms, and fire alarm and carbon monoxide alarms in your home. It necessitates you to gauge the common dangers and get a security setup. When falls make the 70% of deaths after 75, it is mandatory that you prepare ahead and be ready for the challenges ahead. Your safety is your primary concern with needs to be addressed most stringently.

The game of life continues after 55, in fact it becomes even more exciting if you know the right tricks. Life after 55 is not passive, it’s active and important. You need not put your step backward and stop enjoying. It calls for unique preparations and precautions and enjoying life with safety nets. Prepare and plan ahead and you will discover that game of life continues at every phase of your life.



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