Every parent knows that young children become overtired very easily. When kids become too tired, they find it difficult to settle and get to sleep. Learning how to read your child’s signs will help you settle your baby sooner, so they get the sleep that they need. So, the following infographic was created with the idea of providing you the information how to read your baby’s tired signs. Some parents find it extremely difficult to recognise baby tired signs.

Therefore, this infographic shows baby tiredness cues such as hand movements, reduced activity, jerky baby movements, crying, clinging, facial expressions, etc. For example, losing interest in people, toys and playtime. Her overall demeanour will appear quieter in this state. Loss of coordination – bumping into things, falling over, spilling things. We hope that after reading this infographic you will recognise baby overtired signs easier and faster.


Source: http://www.pickmybabycrib.com/

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